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Outstanding Track Leaders.

What is #tru recruiting unconference?

#tru is a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences. #tru unconferences were founded in November 2009 by Bill Boorman (UK).

What is an Unconference?

There are 4 simple rules:

  • No Presentations
  • No PowerPoint
  • No Name Badges
  • No Pitching

#tru sessions are lead by track leaders, who are usually thought leaders in the HR & Recruiting industry. They start the conversation and let the discussion evolve to whichever direction it goes. The attendees are active participants and get to contribute to the flow of the unconference.

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  • 15 Outstanding Track Leaders

  • 100 IT Recruiting Fellows

  • HealthyHiring

Track Leaders 2019

  • 1
    Alexandra Chernyavskaya
    Curator of ''Green Project''
  • 0
    Andrew Stetsenko
    Founder at CV Compiler, and GlossaryTech | HR Tech Entrepreneur
  • 2
    Bill Boorman
    Founder at #TRU Recruiting Unconference
  • photo_2019-10-01 23.21.56
    Daisy Inslermann
    Co-founder at Bohemian Galleries / Founder Community Manager at LIFT99co / Co-founder at HR Gourmet
  • 13407143_10209789719758071_5860870980547050263_n
    Dmytro Mindra
    Engineering Manager at Grammarly
  • 0
    Hung Lee
    CEO @ & Curator of Recruiting Brainfood
  • Irina
    Irina Kurká
    Recruitment Director at Source-Code
  • IMG_1552d.png
    Irma Horvath
    Managing Director at Morea Training and Consultancy
  • 72634762_2729910590354945_2885915695869067264_o
    Myroslava Ulianina
    CEO & Founder at Healthy Brunch
  • 2
    Nataliya Trenina
    Organizational Coach at MindExperiment
  • 1
    Roman Kushnaryov
    Senior International Recruiter
  • 13343069_1225389020805695_2672791239971362893_n
    Sofia Drigola
    COO at Indigo - Tech Recruiters
  • Тамас
    Tamás Püski
    Co-CEO at IseeQ
  • valeria-gorska-foto.1024x1024
    Valeria Gorska
    Recruiter at DataRobot
  • 65946693_2137018576591059_4787704339542048768_n
    Viktoria Nalyvaiko
    CEO&Co-Founder at BazaIT/ Co-Founder and Career&HR Consultant at Reteam

Location - Inveria flow space

Sponsors 2019

We are happy to announce our sponsors who support #trukyiv
and make this event happen

  • BazaIT
  • Indigo-Tech Recruiters
  • New Work Labs
  • UA Sourcing
  • Glossarytech
  • Recruting Brainfood
  • IT HR Forum

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