The most promising Event of the year 2017.
IT Recruiting Unconference.
Outstanding Track Leaders.


What is #tru recruiting unconference?

#tru is a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences. #tru unconferences were founded in November 2009 by Bill Boorman (UK).

What is an Unconference?

There are 4 simple rules:

  • No Presentations
  • No PowerPoint
  • No Name Badges
  • No Pitching

#tru sessions are lead by track leaders, who are usually thought leaders in the HR & Recruiting industry. They start the conversation and let the discussion evolve to whichever direction it goes. The attendees are active participants and get to contribute to the flow of the unconference.

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  • 18 Outstanding Track Leaders

  • 100 IT Recruiting Fellows

  • Indigo's B'day

Track Leaders 2017

  • 17097741_10102186872202499_5087140911279604855_o
    Allan Grant
  • 14425374_10210451948678090_513178665233465627_o
    Anna Stetsenko
    Indigo IT-Recruiting
  • 16664934_981701135294361_8477996021078158190_o
    Ekaterina Osadchuk
    Indigo IT-Recruiting
  • 13415669_10210143808655408_3625694143892565467_o
    Ekaterina Vasylenko
  • 21903738_10214235400347856_996098136_n
    Elena Markina
    HR Tech World
  • 12507529_10208367269316794_242154266723086917_n
    Evgeniy Bondarenko
  • 10871_1706648116231013_5516688629471998980_n
    Evgeniy Gayduchenko
    Indigo IT-Recruiting
  • Gijs
    Gijs Notté
    RAVE-cruitment BV
  • IMG_1552d.png
    Irma Horvath
    Morea Training and Consultancy
  • 22196495_1595223617195910_3755859065500725171_n
    Ksenia Kutsa
    Indigo IT-Recruiting
  • 12440280_994687610612718_8424158178909115384_o
    Lesya Arnold
  • masha
    Maria Bulanova
    Private Entrepreneur
  • Мартин
    Martin Lee
    Brain Gain Recruiting
  • 12342436_10207081732254698_5554403542625366368_n
    Narek Aslikyan
  • 23468577_10210948745498217_1596421652_o
    Nina Aleksandrova
  • Роб
    Rob van Elburg
  • 13343069_1225389020805695_2672791239971362893_n
    Sofia Drigola
    Indigo IT-Recruiting
  • 22050076_10213958466697529_6653962226717208316_n
    Viacheslav Rudnytskyi
  • 16508897_10212195306343717_6304390243237959499_n
    Victor Soroka
  • 10271628_1384774928474261_2420418416235428924_n
    Vyacheslav Pankratov

Location - Inveria flow space

Sponsors 2017

We are happy to announce our sponsors who support #trukyiv
and make this event happen


    Job search site #1 in Ukraine

  • Amazing Hiring

    "App for searching IT-professionals"

  • Glossarytech

    Technology terms for recruiters worldwide

  • Indigo

    "New generation of IT recruiting"

  • Savvy

    The smart way of learning



Ticket price - 1200 UAH

Any questions? Call Sofia +38 096 5006733