The most promising Event of the year 2018.
IT Recruiting Unconference.
Outstanding Track Leaders.


What is #tru recruiting unconference?

#tru is a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences. #tru unconferences were founded in November 2009 by Bill Boorman (UK).

What is an Unconference?

There are 4 simple rules:

  • No Presentations
  • No PowerPoint
  • No Name Badges
  • No Pitching

#tru sessions are lead by track leaders, who are usually thought leaders in the HR & Recruiting industry. They start the conversation and let the discussion evolve to whichever direction it goes. The attendees are active participants and get to contribute to the flow of the unconference.

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  • 15 Outstanding Track Leaders

  • 100 IT Recruiting Fellows

  • HealthyHiring

Track Leaders 2018

  • Koliada1
    Alexander Koliada
  • 43403087_345958279282424_2352742845200203776_n
    Alexandra Govorukha
    UTEW Tech tribe
  • 35970241_1769317179823059_5139257256784691200_o
    Bill Boorman
    TRU unconference
  • 43659295_337688636790964_7932592527406792704_n
    Denis Dinkevich
  • 45222710_2149230705089606_3397821135503491072_n
    Dmitriy Scherbina
    Ring Ukraine
  • 16664934_981701135294361_8477996021078158190_o
    Ekaterina Osadchuk
    Indigo - Tech Recruiters
  • 340428_115218405248431_248834740_o
    Elena Tykhonova
    HR House
  • 12507529_10208367269316794_242154266723086917_n
    Evgeniy Bondarenko
  • Без названия
    Julia Piven
  • lesya_unicity
    Lesya Arnold
    A-Players Recruiting
  • FB_IMG_1538552219876
    Lidia Terpel
  • 42592183_478738695869916_6402613984163266560_n
    Narek Aslikyan
  • 46208158_2164231133589563_3967442092258492416_o
    Nikita Mikhalko
    Relax office system
  • 13343069_1225389020805695_2672791239971362893_n
    Sofia Drigola
    Indigo - Tech Recruiters
  • 41633865_2066428070044235_6857073248371212288_o
    Sviatoslav Khanenko
  • 45249899_2150850428260967_1020339102584668160_n
    Tanya Babiy
    IT-HR CLUB (Kyiv)

Location - Inveria flow space

Sponsors 2018

We are happy to announce our sponsors who support #trukyiv
and make this event happen


    Job search site #1 in Ukraine

  • Amazing Hiring

    "App for searching IT-professionals"

  • Glossarytech

    Technology terms for recruiters worldwide

  • Indigo

    "New generation of IT recruiting"

  • Savvy

    The smart way of learning



Ticket price - 1800 UAH

Any questions? Call Sofia +38 096 5006733 or write us